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The Class Act

The Kusumas

Venue: Art Stage Jakarta 2017

Editor’s note: When we approached this fabulously dressed couple, we had no idea who they were. They gamely answered our questions, posed for photos and  entertained our bumbling intrusions. When they gave us their names, we all but fell over in shock — Pak Deddy is only one of  Indonesia’s leading art collectors. 

We were totally humbled by their kindness  — they were such a master class in humility and grace, and we can’t think of a better duo to kick off our inaugural article on Plural People.

Jane Kusuma, Bon Vivant and Grandmother of 4

Ibu Jane, showcasing her outfit quite aptly, next to a jungle-themed work

This outfit is amazing, where is your dress from?

Christian Dior. My bag is from Chanel. My husband bought it for me when I transited through Hong Kong.

And your shoes?

I have knee problems, so the doctor said I should wear flat shoes. My shoes are flat so that I can go dancing later, if not, dancing is very difficult for me. I had to change  from my high heeled shoes.

Hey, can I introduce my husband? He’s right here.

Deddy Kusuma, Collector

Pak Deddy, standing with the work A Minute Rain by artist Bambang BP

Hello! And what are you wearing this evening?

This jacket is from Etro.

And why are you all dressed in blue? Do you like it particularly?

I like every colour as long as I can match it well!

Why are you standing here, with this artwork? What’s special about it?

I like this work and its composition – it’s done entirely in pencil, each line is drawn one by one. I don’t even know why I like it, it’s a personal feeling– I don’t like things to be cluttered. Also, pencil work is not easy to execute at all.

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