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In Love with Lulu

Brett, ARTJOG MMXIX Visitor

Venue: Yogyakarta

Its Saturday, Im in Yogyakarta, and Im on the prowl for art lovers who are donning interesting looks at this years ARTJOG MMXIX. Before turning up to the highly anticipated festival, I met friends for a riverside brunch at a local vegetarian spot nestled deep within the forest of South Yogyas Kasongan regionwhere I bumped into Sekar Sari, long-time muse and collaborator of popular fashion label Lulu Lutfi Labibi. We caught up briefly over vegan bites (her two-year-old daughter, impressively tackled a veggie burger) and avocado juice before I checked-out in order to check-in to ARTJOG.

 Not fifteen minutes into the main building, Ive found Brett, who looks like he just stepped out of a Lulu Lutfi Labibi editorial photoshoot:

Turns out that running into Sekar earlier was a good omen.

I pulled Brett aside to get a lesson on local Indonesian brands.

Where are you visiting from, and how long are you here for?

Im visiting from Jakarta, and Im just here for the weekend. I usually go to every weekend opening of ARTJOGfirst day, Im in the main building, and the following days Ill visit local studios.

Wonderful, what studios are on your list?

Yogya is full of local contemporary artists that I loveI follow young artists who have created their own characters in their worklike animals or human beings of their own creative world. This is actually my first day (Saturday) and my first destination, haha. Im a bit behind. I plan to visit emerging artists who are not featured in ARTJOG, but that are still relevant to the local art scene here.

Speaking of local, I happened to catch you shopping around in Warung Murakabi (part of the festivals special collaboration projectsthis one being between Yogya-based artists Indieguerillas and iconic fashion label Lulu Lutfi Labibi, among others).

The Warung Murakabi showcase
A closer look
Check out the detail on the back of that shirt!

I noticed you are wearing Lulu pants. In fact, you look like youre part of the exhibition. Was that on purpose or sheer coincidence?

Its not purely a coincidence. I would say with confidence that my wardrobe is nearly 90% local Indonesian brands or items that are made by Indonesian designersespecially t-shirts, pants, shoes.

Love it, give me a rundown of what you are wearing.

(Here he is again)

So, first of all, my Hi Jack sandalssuper comfyare from Bandung, West Java (they also have a shop in Yogya). Check them out if you havent heard of them.

My trousers are Lulu, which I bought a few years ago.

My shirt is Moral from Jakarta; they have a style that is super comfy and edgy at the same time. I love that these sleeves are so oversized.

And your bag?

Oh, the bags Dior.

*He blushes.*



Lulu Lutfi Labibi has affordable looks for sale as part of their current community empowered exhibition at ARTJOGat 15 SGD apiece nearly everyone can afford to look as sharp as Brett (sans handbag, perhaps). The exhibition will be up until August 25, 2019

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