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1 December 2021 – Thai Artist Tawatchai Puntusawasdi Exhibits With Gajah Gallery

As Omicron 🦠 hogs the headlines, its Transformer – like name recalling visual associations with Decepticons and giant kaijus, we chanced upon an exhibition today, of other giant articles and robotlike structures.

Thai artist Tawatchai Puntusawasdi has landed on our shores folks, and his precisely – formulated and obsessively planned-out works are presently living at Gajah Gallery.

Curated by John Tung, this is a small presentation but one which is incredibly moving. Tawatchai’s skewed furniture plays with our perceptions of what an “ideal” form should be – do they simply hinge on the vantage point from which we stand?

Exhibition view of Tawatchai Puntusawasdi artwork at Gajah Gallery

Featuring 2 ladders placed in a way that challenges perception

Tawatchai Puntusawasdi exhibition featuring skewed furniture (Chairs) positioned in a peculiar way

His globular planet- like orbs, are “evocative of astronomical bodies moving through space at blazing speeds.

Tawatchai Puntusawasdi artwork - 'Story of Zen' featuring a mirror with a reflection of the view opposite
In this display, Story of Zen references an old Thai parable where two monks gaze into a mirror only to see a grubby reflection. One blames his own dirty face, and the other, the dirty mirror surface. Neither knows for sure if they are correct.

Also on display are the artist’s tools, because he plans all calculations and designs painstakingly by hand and with no digital modelling software. The display questions who we blame “when parts fail to come together as a whole” — is it the lapse of skill or the tools employed?

Display of Tawatchai Puntusawasdi tools that he used in planning his artworks
Maybe it’s the year-end rush which has us in its busy and painful grip, or maybe it’s just the continuing ennui of being trapped in this unending pandemic….but this exhibition really moved us.

It runs till this weekend, but we’re told, may be extended. Go visit– and while you’re there check out the new and improved Tanjong Pagar distripark – it’s going to be the home of Sg Art Week 2022, Singapore Art Museum has moved there, and all kinds of exciting things are bubbling for next Jan.