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13 September 2021 – Voyage to the Vulva-verse at Hatch Art Project

This past weekend, we took a “Voyage to the Vulva-verse” – a look at how eight local artists explore the (unfortunately still rather) taboo topic of the vulva, organised by Strip and Two Lips. Check out artists Amanda Tan, Ashley Yeo, Hee Suhui, Tan Sze Yan, Kimberly Tan, Kristal Melson, Polina Korobova, and Yana & Jun’s forays into this intimate subject at Hatch Art Project, or take a peek here first:

Kristal Melson’s The Rebirth of Venus, 2021, is a trippy reinterpretation of Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus.
Polina Korobova’s eponymous artwork, Polina Korobova (2021) made from repurposed vintage tassels and ribbons that give off Marie Antoinette vibes.
Kimberly aka. Ultraaviolets’s Part Your Lips, 2021 references Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress in the 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch.
Hee Suhui’s Other Faces, 2021 is perhaps the only work in this exhibition that renders the vulva in more realistic fashion, forcing the viewer to confront this ‘other face’ in all its glory in this surrealistic scene.
And then it’s back to your regular scheduled programming of glitterified, aestheticised metaphors which perhaps conceal rather than reveal truths about the vulva. Pictured here: Amanda Tan, Drip, 2021.
What we did enjoy was the attention paid towards extending the presence of each artwork into the space via installations such as these curvaceous pink folds that accompany Ashley Yeo’s intricately cut Care, 2021.
Ashley Yeo, Care, 2021.
Yana & Jun, Flora Fauna, 2021.
Sze Yan (Barbarian Flower)’s food illustrations are an oblique way of pointing to the different issues that vulvas face.

This exhibition is ongoing until 22 September 2021 at Hatch Art Project. To visit the exhibition in person, pre-registration is required. Find out more at:

Featured image: Yana & Jun, Flora Fauna, 2021.