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27 September 2021 – Marla Bendini & Victoria Cantons’ You Can Tell Me at Cuturi Gallery

Happy Monday, Plural pals! If you’re looking to see some art about town, consider checking out You Can Tell Me, the duo show featuring Marla Bendini and Victoria Cantons that’s currently on at Cuturi Gallery.

Both artists use figuration to make sense of the complex emotional realities of their lived experiences as transgender women. There’s a lot to think about here about the nature of femininity and how it often involves vulnerability and objectification. Intrigued? Take a closer look:

Marla Bendini, My Sisters have Always Taught and Reminded Me What I Already Know, 2021.
Pillowtalk / It is Safe to Look Within, 2021. Image credit: Cuturi Gallery and the artist.
Victoria Cantons, Le Visage De L’amour or The Maze, 2021.

(from left) Victoria Cantons’ Don’t Be Afraid of the Voice in Your Head and Do Turn Your Face Towards the Sun, Read the Rules of Engagement and Don’t Start to Doubt Them, and Don’t Forget a Bad Memory But Don’t Lose the Happiness of the Moment, all 2021. Here, Cantons writes, “I used to think that the best form of protection was to bury my head in the sand but if I don’t open myself up to hurts then I don’t open myself to love”.
(from left) Victoria Cantons’ See Death, See Life, See Day from Night (2021) and Sehnsucht, (2020).
Marla Bendini, The Eyes are the Nipples of the Face, 2021. We’re particularly fixated by how Marla Bendini’s challenging herself with these works that confront her sense of self, head-on – something different from her usual oeuvre of artfully draped faceless figures, often seen only from the back.


You Can Tell Me runs until 3 October at Cuturi Gallery. For more information, click here:

Feature image: The artist Marla Bendini, in front of her work, The Eyes are the Nipples of the Face, 2021.