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6 October 2022 — Associate Artist Programme at OH! Open House

Last Wednesday afternoon, we had the pleasure of being invited to a guided tour of a series of art activations by Thai artist Mit Jai Inn. This was part of Associate Artist Programme at OH! Open House, which invites artists to immerse themselves in local neighbourhoods and engage with the community. For this edition of the Programme, Mit engaged business owners in Kampong Gelam — harking back to his early days of social activism. 

Mit’s interventions allowed business owners to share their hopes and dreams with us, transcending the monetary exchange that usually defines the relationship between customer and business owner. Though the heat was tough to beat, the stories of the few small business owners that we were introduced to captivated us. Be sure to check out the OH! Open House website for details of any upcoming programmes. 

Scroll to check out some pictures of the tour.