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11 April 2022 – Han Sai Por, The Forest and Its Soul, at STPI

To walk through Cultural Medallion recipient Han Sai Por’s new show at STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery is to step into what poet Wendell Berry calls “the peace of wild things”.
The artist invites us to explore nature’s “emotional landscape” – from dark forests to rolling seas, swift-flowing rivers to rocks and crevices. Along the way, we encounter winged creatures and strange fruit and pause to take a closer look at the patterns on tree barks and veined leaves.
Taking advantage of the highly-specialised materials, techniques and resources at STPI, the artist sculpts and shapes handmade paper, carving and etching grooves and lines, building layers and textures that echo that of the natural world.
Scroll through the pics for a preview of The Forest and Its Soul, which opened on 9 April and runs till 22 May 2022 at STPI Creative Workshop and Gallery.