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14 November 2022 — From These Ruins, We Rise and Fall at Cuturi Gallery

Stepping into From These Ruins, We Rise and Fall — Marla Bendini’s solo show at Cuturi Gallery — feels like entering the artist’s mind, wading through her dreams, nightmares, and spiritual experiences. 

The works on show are raw and surreal depictions of Bendini’s emotional states and past experiences. There’s a body facedown in a violet swamp to reflect what it’s like to drown in one’s feelings; another seated on a surfboard, doused in the hopeful light of sunrise; and even a naked person hunched over in a field, taking an assertive bite out of a decapitated goat’s head. (Needless to say, that last one’s our personal favourite.)

The artist also tenderly depicts some of her close friends and collaborators, who have supported her through tumultuous times, in her works. 

You’ll also be able to spot references to Bendini’s previous training as a guzheng player, with a spine-like installation featuring a portion of a guzheng that she found and later set on fire — a symbol for the beauty and hope that comes with starting over. There’s even a beautiful accompanying, free-form text by writer and artist ila, which speaks to the deep bond that the two artists share.

Overall, the works on show exude warmth and tenderness that encourage us to be gentle with ourselves; be sure not to miss it! 

From These Ruins, We Rise and Fall runs at Cuturi Gallery till 27 November 2022.