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23 September 2022 – Sugar Pills for a Bitter World at Objectifs

In Daniel Chong’s latest exhibition Sugar Pills for a Bitter World, absurdity proves to be an unavoidable new vernacular that allows us to navigate the world. It might be easy to brush off these works as merely having strange, farcical appearances, but we encourage you to look a little deeper at the underlying anxieties and profound concerns beneath the surface.

The artists on show include Yeyoon Avis Ann, Mike HJ Chang, Desiree Tham, Ryan Lim Zi Yi, and Eng Kai Er. Some of their ridiculous and surreal works include a pet rock created as a solution to loneliness; an installation that recalls a yoga position to critique the capitalist wellness industry; and a feng shui-inspired, palm tree-shaped sculpture made out of office supplies. 

Reflecting life under the constant strain of consumerism and social expectation, the exhibition prompts a strange, comforting realisation: that we aren’t alone in trying to make sense of an increasingly absurd world. 

Check out our highlights below!  

The exhibition runs at Objectifs until 6 November 2022. Click here to learn more.