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25 August 2023—Wei-Ling Gallery pops up in Singapore with Merdeka Project – In(ter)dependence & A Tapestry of Us

Kuala Lumpur-based Wei-Ling Gallery has come to Singapore with two pop-up exhibitions, Merdeka Project – In(ter)dependence and A Tapestry of Us. Located at Henderson Industrial Park, the shows will run from 25th – 29th August 2023.

A Tapestry of Us brings together the works of seven prominent contemporary Malaysian artists: Anurendra Jegadeva, Choy Chun Wei, Ivan Lam, Rajinder Singh, Sean Lean, Wong Chee Meng, Yau Bee Ling, and Singaporean artist Joshua Yang while Merdeka Project – In(ter)dependence by Malaysian artist Ivan Lam is a collaborative project, marked by a partnership with Singaporean artist Joshua Yang.

It’s evident from the sheer breadth of aesthetic styles and inspirations that each artist on show fiercely contemplates their own identity in in relation to migration, location, and nationhood. Showcasing works that touch on everything from life in a tech-driven, multicultural society or what it’s like to grapple with one’s ethnic roots, the end result is a selection of exuberant works that foreground diverse personal experiences and historical motifs.

Seeing how both Malaysia and Singapore celebrate their independence in August, the pop-ups are certainly timely as they encourage us to consider our place in society and the historical circumstances that led us here. It’s safe to say that the pop-up exhibitions are worth the trek to the Henderson industrial estate!

The pop-up exhibition is taking place from 25th – 29th August 2023 at Block 203 Henderson Road, Wing B, #04-07 Henderson Industrial Park, Singapore, 159546. The exhibition is only available by appointment, please call +603-22601106 or email to do so. 

Check out the images below for a peek at the exhibition!