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27 October 2022 — SIK:蝕 at Hatch Art Project

Recently, we had the chance to pop by Hatch Art Project to catch Korean artist Gunwoo Shin’s first solo exhibition in Singapore. 

The exhibition titled SIK:蝕 explores spiritual themes of enlightenment, death and rebirth. Shin meticulously crafted what he describes as “sculptures of theatrical situations”, paying attention to each and every small. Some sculptures included prominent spherical voids lined with a reflective metallic material which caught our eye and reminded us of the exhibition’s namesake,  (SIK), a Sino-Korean character that means “eat into, erode or eclipse”.

Have a look through our photos below to check out the highlights!

If you’d like to have a moment to contemplate your relationship with spirituality, then check out Gunwoo Shin’s show. It runs till the 12th of November 2022.