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30 November 2022 — Stranger(‘s) Touch returns at Somerset Youth Park

When we were first introduced to Stranger(’s) Touch in early 2022, it was billed as “an art project hiding under the guise of a beauty brand” and was showcased at Crane‘s Arab Street outlet.

The end of the year sees Stranger(’s) Touch return as a showcase of household objects by artists such as Jenevieve Woon, Moses Tan, Teo Huey Ling, Tiffany Loy, and Weixin Quek Chong. Located at the Red Bus at Somerset Youth Park, we’re pleased to say that this latest edition is equally endearing as it serves up touches of whimsy. 

Phoebe Zoe Ho’s window display greets you upon entering. Featuring seats and a table wrapped dramatically in cream, taupe, and pink sheets, her installation echoes the sentiment of “an awkward meeting with a stranger”

Head upstairs to check out the bus’s second storey, which evokes the interior of a lifestyle store.

Some of our favourite objects on display include Weixin Quek Chong’s Foraged Fidgets, a series of crystalline, thorny objects whose shapes and textures remind us of durians; Teo Huey Ling’s Daydream series that consists of gloriously-coloured, organically shaped resin lamps; and Moses Tan’s between a stick and a sore spot, which includes uncanny, limb-shaped massage sticks.

Whether you’re a visual arts enthusiast looking for a unique experience or looking to pick up some quirky objects for your home, we’re sure that Stranger(’s) Touch will hit the spot.

Stranger(’s) Touch runs till 18 December 2022 at the Red Bus at Somerset Youth Park, 121 Somerset Road.