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7 April 2022 – Zen Teh’s Infectious Collaborations at Jurong Lake Gardens

If you’ve never made the trek out to Jurong Lake Gardens, touted as “Singapore’s national gardens in the heartlands”, here’s a great reason to finally make the trip out west.
Artist Zen Teh’s experiential installation glows from a distance like a mysterious, otherworldly lifeform, crouched beside the waters of Jurong Lake, the lights of the nearby HDB estates twinkling in the background.
Draw nearer and you’ll see it’s a floating, draped structure, its walls shifting and undulating gently as the surrounding air moves. Various openings flap in the breeze, inviting visitors to bend, crouch and crawl in.
Inside, strategically placed lights create a shadow play and mirrors reflect images of forests and old survey maps. Infectious Collaborations: An Entangled Enquiry Into Forests and the Pandemic is an interdisciplinary project exploring the environment, society and the pandemic, initiated by artist Zen Teh and scientist Ching Jianhong, in collaboration with curator Hera and designer Lim Shu Min.
It’s open to the public from 5-9pm daily till 27 April 2022 and there are several guided tours scheduled, along with various special programmes. First up, a panel discussion tomorrow Thursday, 7 April 2022 at 8pm! Find out more and sign up at: