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5 September 2021 – “Expressing Heritage: Art & Originality Unfold” at Temenggong

This past week, team Plural has been bowled over by the surprising and unexpected spaces that artists have carved out for themselves in various parts of Singapore – spaces that inspire not just themselves, but other artists as well.
One of these is Temenggong Artists-in-Residence, founded by artist Henri Chen KeZhan as a non-profit artists residency programme in 2009. Making our way up the dark and winding lane off Telok Blangah Road that wraps itself around the side of Mount Faber, we finally arrived at a cul-de-sac where 4 black-and-white bungalows sat silently. Three of these, numbers 22, 24 and 28, are occupied by Temenggong.
As we rounded the corner and no. 28 came into view, the reason for the exhibition’s unusual opening hours became apparent – art collective Phunk Studio’s moving image work, projected onto the colonial-era bungalow’s whitewashed exterior to mesmerising accompanying music, pretty much stopped us in our tracks. This sense of wonder stayed with us as we made our way through the space, wandering from room to room and encountering works by Koh Hong Teng, Sim Boon Yang, Theseus Chan and Sonny Liew (scroll through the pics and captions for more).
The atmospheric setting – vintage furniture and light fittings, piped classical music, Mr Chen’s carefully cultivated bonsai plants – contributed to a dreamlike, out-of-this-world sensation. We wouldn’t have been surprised if we had returned the next day only to be unable to find the space again!
If you’d like to visit (and we certainly recommend that you do) the exhibition Expressing Heritage: Art & Originality Unfold is on at 28 Temenggong Road till 12 September, Tuesdays – Sundays, from 5 – 10pm. Email to register.
Koh Hong Teng's impressive artwork
Koh Hong Teng’s impressive 210x576cm work, Solace in Remembrance], in Chinese ink on rice paper mounted on a screen.
Detail of Sonny Liew's Singapore 1819 board game installation.
Detail of Sonny Liew’s Singapore 1819 board game installation. We were dying to sit down at the table at start a game!