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A Rhapsody in Blue

Linda Neo, Collector

Venue: Parkview Museum, Opening of The Artist’s Voice

What are you wearing tonight?

I’m in a pantsuit from one of the boutiques in Singapore, it’s called Amanda boutique, and it’s at Wheelock Place.

The pantsuit was chosen by my personal shopper from the boutique. I don’t have the time to go shopping anymore, so what she’ll do is go around the world and pick out outfits for me, which makes things much easier!

Why did you decide on the blue tonight?

Today is Friday, I need something comfortable as it’s a night of hopping around various gallery openings! I needed to put on comfortable shoes as well.

Tell us about those shoes.

I needed to have a touch of colour to what I’m wearing, but it couldn’t be anything too casual, as I had to go to work.

Did you go to work dressed like this?

Of course!

How do you decide what to wear to work, when you have gallery shows to attend in the evening?

It all depends on the event, if it’s more formal, then I have to wear something more formal too. An event like this, for example, it’s a big crowd, and slightly less formal. I’d wear something different if say, it was an event at the National Gallery.

What do you think of this exhibition?

It’s the second major one being held by Parkview Museum and it’s amazing. Finding a favourite work here would be quite a challenge, but I thought the work by Michelangelo Pistoletto was amazing.

The interpretation of the work can be quite varied, for example, (it features religious objects), but there is an empty plinth in the piece. Could that represent art? Is art itself another religion, as it has such a great influence on humanity and emotion?

(Read more about the Parkview show in P’s review here).

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