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Through the Gift Shop: Freda & Fashion

Jogja Art Weeks 2019 kicked off in Yogyakarta in late July, with a private opening of Art Jog MMIXX. Featuring the whos- who of the Indonesian art world, the opening saw iconic artists, internationally renowned curators and long-time art appreciators flocking together like birds of a feather, while paying visits to the many exhibitions and galleries in the city.

I was happy to bump into a familiar face at the tail end of the main Art Jog exhibition, and eager to hear her thoughts. I pulled Freda Gilda, of Lucid Moxie aside to discuss everything from local fashion brands, to experimental music, and of course, the local art scene.

Freda cuts a stylish figure, even as she browses through the gift shop

Lets get right to it, what have you been looking forward to seeing at Art Jog this year?

Actually, its the merchandise that drew me here. Dont get me wrong–I usually spend hours inside the main building, but every year I look forward to seeing whats beyond the exit.

 The gift shop?

Haha, exactly. Its more of a pavilion of creative retail collections if you ask mehere youll find just as many artists as youd see in the exhibition itself (some artists also have works featured in the main pavilion).

Im intriguedseems like a smart way for artists to create alternative revenue.

One-hundred percent!

Im in the creative industrywith one foot in the visual art world and the other in fashionso its both exciting and inspiring to see established Indonesian contemporary artists exploring similar enterprises. Creative retail collections and various limited-edition merchandise have emerged as a response to a fluctuating art market or perhaps as an indirect critique of the art market itself.

 Takashi Murakamis collaboration with Louis Vuitton comes to mind

Exactly! Louis Vuitton also teamed up with Indonesias Eko Nugroho to create a limited edition scarf. On a regional scale, Art Jog MMIXX presents up-and-coming contemporary artists like Uji Hahan Handoko for example, who has teamed up with local labels like Gaba-Gaba from  Yogyakarta. Natasha Tontey, who received this years Young Artist Award, also has her iconic Satan’s School For Girls collection on display.

 Takes on your favourites so far?

 Jewelry: SANIKI

Ive been following this collection for a few years, which takes inspiration from a traditional Malay weapons manufacturing technique called Pamor. By welding together Damascus steel with charcoal and teak wood, beautiful, celestial and incredibly strong pieces are produced with patterns and textures that cannot be repeated. No two pieces are alike. They are a relatively young label that has begun selling both locally and internationally.

Wardrobe: MACAN


Today is the first time Ive seen this collection in real lifeits the brainchild of Ican Haremwho is one half of the experimental two-piece happy hardcore band, Gabber Modus Operandi. To call what they do music would be overly simplistic. These two have emerged as a hybrid of electronic noise and traditional Indonesian sounds paired with a performative component that is usually pretty wild. The takeaway is that they are edgy, vulgar, humorous, and uniquely Indonesianthis collection is the physical form of their insane sound and performance-making.

For more information about SANIKIs fascinating jewelry making process (which requires 1200 degrees Celsius of heat) check out a video by Sigit Pamungkas, both the creative mind and technician behind the brand.

 Gabber Modus Operandis latest album was released earlier this year under the label Yes No Wave Music.

And of course, find Freda’s own line of ethically handmade bags, Lucid Moxie at this link

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