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15 February 2023 — The Peranakan Museum to open on 17 February 2023

Hey Plural pals! Have you heard that the Peranakan Museum is finally reopening after 4 years of renovations? You’ll be able to swing by from 17 February 2023 onwards. To welcome the museum home, be sure to join the Armenian Street Party, which runs from 17 – 19 February 2023.

The revamp’s focus can be understood in terms of what Director Kennine Ting called “routes” and “roots,” which considers Peranakan culture as one that has multiple starting points and many different expressions due to a diverse confluence of cultures throughout history. The three galleries are themed ‘Origins’, ’Home’, and ‘Style’, making for a comprehensive and thoughtful exploration of the lives, histories, and cultures of the various Peranakan communities. 

Another thing we enjoyed was how the Peranakan Museum worked with a variety of Peranakan communities in Singapore and beyond to highlight the culture’s living histories. On top of this, we loved how the Museum commissioned local artists such as Lavender Chang and Sam Loh to respond to Peranakan culture, the museum’s collections, and their own heritages. 

Have a look at our photos below to check the museum out! 

Director Kennie Ting (middle) at the media preview.
There’s even an interactive storytelling booth!
Bathed in warm light, the cosy ‘Home’ gallery on the second floor showcases furniture and homeware. Here are some brown-and-gold teakwood furniture pieces, which blend local materials with foreign techniques such as European gilding.
A photograph from Lavender Chang’s ‘Sheltered Dream’ series, which depicts Peranakan households. This series was commissioned by the Peranakan Museum and produced in collaboration with the Arab Network@Singapore, Peranakan Indian (Chitty Melaka) Association Singapore, Eurasian Association Singapore, and the Peranakan Association Singapore.
A stunning display of ornate sireh sets, from Javanese Peranakan, Indian Peranakan, and Chinese Peranakan communities.