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31 March 2022 – Body, Heart & Soul at Marina Square

Singapore has no shortage of public art but one activation we think you should check out is Body, Heart & Soul at Marina Square. This is one of the four locations it will tour as part of Marina Central’s programmes.

What caught our attention was that its first iteration No More Free Space? was created for the Singapore Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale. Back then, it responded to the perception that Singapore had no free space.

Taking the form of multiple cubes with colourful lights, Body, Heart & Soul re-uses the acrylic knots from No More Free Space, giving it a sustainable element. Visitors are invited to pose in front of each cube and accompanying cameras. The AI technology in these cameras takes note of these poses and expressions, and activates the lights in response.

We like how it emphasises a sense of play while blending art, AI technology, design and physical engagement. We imagine it’ll be great for those who have children or are young at heart! 

Body, Heart & Soul is created by Dr Jason Lim from Singapore University of Technology Design (SUTD) and Ar Asami Takahashi of YUME Architects, in collaboration with tech company TinkerTanker.