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Tiffany Tang, Gallerist from Massimo de Carlo, Visiting from Hong Kong

Venue : Little India, Singapore

Tiffany, chic in black, spotted after a thosai breakfast in Little India, Singapore

Tell us about your outfit?

The T-shirt is from the now –extinct American Apparel, the skirt is from Zara and my shoes are from Roger Vivier. My bag is from Chanel.

Those incredible shoes, up close.

So, we’re in Little India right now (Editor’s note : It was an incredibly hot day!) – is this the most casual outfit you have?!

Definitely not! But it’s the most casual of the clothes which I brought over from Hong Kong, on this trip.

How do you usually dress for your work as a gallerist?

Smart casual, depending on whether I have to attend events, or see clients. If I see a client, I’ll try to wear heels. If not, I may wear jeans and flats, and be quite casual.

What’s your favourite piece of art that you’ve seen in Singapore, on this trip?

I just attended the Yayoi Kusama show at the National Gallery Singapore. I liked her earlier works on display, in the first section of the exhibition. They were images of nets, but resembled landscapes. (The work I liked – The Sea, below) doesn’t look like  a unified net, but resembles more of a picture of a forest.

The Sea (1958), Oil on canvas

Now, if we go to art fairs and view Kusama works, we usually see works featuring her dots, pumpkins and nets — but these works (which I liked ), show a different aspect of her practice. Moving through the National Gallery show, one could see the evolution of Kusama’s works. However, the pieces at the beginning of the exhibition were not works which we would usually be familiar with, or even necessarily associate with Kusama. Aesthetically also, I felt that the paintings were rather nice.

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