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Author: Mae Anderson

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Mae Anderson

Mae Anderson is a champion for philanthropy and visual literacy in Singapore. She serves as the Chairman of Art Outreach, an arts education non-profit established in 2003. Mae is also the Head of Philanthropy Services Asia at BNP Paribas Wealth Management, where she designs strategies to implement clients’ philanthropic ambitions. She is a trusted leader in the Singapore arts community, and has contributed to numerous national art initiatives.Art Outreach began as an arts-focused supplement to the local primary school curriculum, equipping young students with visual literacy and cultural awareness skills. Art Outreach has since expanded under Mae’s leadership to support and connect diverse stakeholders in the arts community. It now shares the power of art with children, parents, and communities by offering a wide gamut of art programmes, and works to enable practitioners to sustain careers in the arts by offering financial support and professional development opportunities. Initiatives such as the annual IMPART Art Prize for emerging artists and HEARTH community art space underscores Art Outreach’s commitment to creating platforms that nurture practitioners.Through her work, Mae has built a foundation for a cohesive arts ecosystem with the collective potential to amplify uniquely Singaporean voices.
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