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22 September 2022 – It Is Beautiful Because Of You and Me at Supper House

Styled as an “art and food showcase,” the Supper House’s latest exhibition It Is Beautiful Because Of You and Me doesn’t disappoint. 

Stepping into the space, there’s a whimsical take on the traditional ‘mama’ shop (a.k.a provision store) with a selection of beautifully designed tableware, snacks, and canned foods. 

On the walls and in various nooks and crannies, you can spy playful works by artists such as Masuri Mazlan, Hazel Lim, Alvin Ong, Adeline Kueh, Genevieve Ang, and Chia Ching Kai. Some of the works were made with cooking ingredients, while others resemble delectable snacks or refer to rituals of consumption.

What takes the cake (literally!) is the edible artwork that takes the form of a kueh-and-cocktail pairing, which you can indulge in for $28. Equally cool is how the exhibition catalogue recalls a bar menu, describing each artwork as a selection of tasting notes. 


It Is Beautiful Because Of You and Me is a showcase by the Supper House and Assembly Clan. The show runs until 1 October 2022. Click here to find out more.