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14 August 2023—Jon Burgerman’s solo Feel The Heat opens at WOAW Gallery

While some of you might recognise Jon Burgerman for his kooky characters, the artist’s first solo in Singapore unveils a poignant new direction in his practice. Running at WOAW Gallery till 23 September 2023, Feel The Heat “reflects our anxiety towards climate change,” as temperatures surge each summer.

Hazy-edged creatures fill sprawling canvases, creating the impression that they are melting, effectively mirroring the fates of our polar ice caps. Neon pinks, rich yellows, and crimsons take centre stage as the colours signal rising temperatures, as depicted by heat maps. Despite their seemingly cute, tongue-in-cheek appearances, Burgerman’s vivid works prompt us to consider the worrying effects of global warming. 

Check out our photos for a peek at the show! 

Feature image: WOAW Gallery