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3 August 2023—Neo Japan: Pop Art Explored at Artspace@Helutrans

If you love all things Japan, you simply can’t miss Neo Japan: Pop Art Explored, an ongoing group show featuring young to established contemporary Japanese artists. You’ll spot familiar names like Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara alongside emerging practitioners such as Masato Yamaguchi and Hiromi.

On display is a mix of striking portraits, canvases filled with whimsical anime-style characters, and works that reference digital culture, reflecting a new age of Japanese contemporary artists who explore the aesthetics associated with Japan’s animation, video game, fashion, and design industries.

Additionally, the show offers a rare glimpse into a private collection, as many of the works on display are on loan from Beijing-born, Hong Kong-based art collector Chloe Chiu, who exclusively collects Japanese contemporary art. 

Check out our photos below for a look at the show! 

Neo Japan: Pop Art Explored runs till 8 August 2023 at Artspace@Helutrans.